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If I already have an Existing Payment Protection Insurance Policy can I switch my Cover?

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If you have an existing payment protection policy you can switch to First Call Payment Protection. Additionally, we will WAIVE the initial exclusion period that applies to unemployment claims providing you meet the following conditions:

Your existing policy has been in force for more than 6 months, it is still active and has not been cancelled.

It is important that you do not cancel your existing policy until your application for payment protection insurance has been accepted and policy documents have been issued.

In the event of a claim during the Initial Exclusion Period you will be asked to provide evidence of your previous payment protection insurance policy and should it become clear that the monthly benefit under your First Call Payment Protection exceeds that of your earlier policy we will pay up to the original monthly benefit under your original policy.

IMPORTANT! Before you change provider check the First Call Payment Protection policy meets your needs as the cover may not be the same as your existing policy. For further details please see our Important Documents.